WealthCompendium® is based on the life work of Ted Ridlehuber. As the founder, President, and CEO of the Cannon Financial Institute in Athens Georgia., Ted was a pioneer in the “Comprehensive Wealth Management” movement that emphasizes the importance of working with all aspects of a family's wealth plan. To simplify the complex, Ted identified '13 Wealth Management Issues' and built a framework of working with clients through a platform of “13 issues.” This practice management system has been embraced by many successful private wealth management teams over the last two decades. However the only constant in life is change. The industry evolved, as did technology. The '13 Wealth Management Issues' needed to evolve as well.

The final evolution of this practice management system is the WealthCompendium client portal. This resource is the synthesis of the entire process and allows wealth management teams to work through and report on their client's entire wealth plan anytime or anywhere, all in real time.

WealthCompendium is changing the way teams work with their clients. For example:

  • Many teams incorporate the WealthCompendium into quarterly reviews to ensure nothing has changed or address any unmet needs. Often, without WealthCompendium, the advisor would not have identified the issue in the first place.
  • Family meetings become easier now that the children can see and understand how the entire wealth plan is integrated.
  • WealthCompendium makes off-site meetings with clients or their other advisors easier as all essential client documents are stored in the vault providing access to legal, business, insurance, or personal documents on an ipad.
  • Advisors collaborate with other professionals in solving a client’s needs, and can allow access to the site to those other family advisors when needed.

Bottom line, WealthCompendium is being used around the country by successful private wealth advisors to improve the lives of the clients they serve, and earn the trust of affluent families. It empowers the families they serve. By empowering clients, advisors become essential and trusted beyond measure.